Taking care of a baby may seem challenging in the first few days of motherhood, especially for a mother who does not have any previous experience. We have listed baby care tips for the first 40 days, which is the phase in which the mother establishes a certain order and also gets to know her baby.

● The first time most mothers start to breastfeed is in the hospital. It is important that the mother frequently breastfeeds her baby and holds her baby close to her chest to build up the bond between the baby and the mother. Click here for more on nursing.
● Do not neglect to frequently clean your baby’s bottom so your baby’s sensitive skin does not get irritated and specifically use the baby diapers prepared specially for newborns with an umbilical cord notch. Click here for more on changing diapers.
● Bathing your baby on a daily basis is important for him/her to sleep comfortably as well as his/her growth and development. You do not need to use shampoo when washing your baby every day. Click here for more on bathing.
● Some mothers prefer to wear gloves for their newborn babies as they have the tendency to scratch their faces with their nails. However, hands are the first organs babies discover. Mothers need to know that by putting on gloves for their babies, they slow down the perception and motor development of their babies. So, instead of putting gloves on your baby, cut their nails with a pair of blunt scissors.
● Newborns may sleep a lot in the first days. They need to be woken up and breastfed every 2-3 hours.
● It is recommended during their sleep that in order for babies to have a long and comfortable sleep, their hands should be swaddled loosely and in a manner that leaves them free in order to avoid their faces being scratched with their hands and preventing the movement of their arms.
● Setting the head of the baby’s bed slightly elevated will be beneficial for babies with reflux.
● Playing classical music at a low volume in the baby’s room will comfort the baby.
● Taking your baby outdoors for 10 minutes every day helps the baby to get fresh air and sunlight.
● Ventilate the baby’s room for 10 minutes every day.
● Massages given to your baby after he/she is nourished and bathed by using an appropriate oil is extremely useful in order for your baby to move his/her arms and legs as well as the development of his/her muscles. Click for more on baby massage.
● A baby will have some gas problems as her digestive system and new intestines settle down in the first days. Gas issues in babies lead to discomfort and create a major issue for the sleep of the baby. You may comfort your baby by making her burp. Click for more on burping.

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