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Owing to the all round Flexible Anatomic-Fit System specially designed waist dimensions and Flexible Waist & Body System, MOLFİX Pants are sewed up just for your baby:

– Fully fits your baby’s body and helps to prevent leakages.
– Moves comfortably with the babies’ body whenever they have gassy tummy or distention after feeding!
– MOLFİX Pants softly swaddles your baby’s waist even when absorbing liquid.
– Its elasticity is not only around the waist but also around the leg areas of the pant, which provides ease of movement.
– Also has dryness and anti leakage features.

Additionaly, owing to its cloth pant like form and specially designed sides and waist band:

– MOLFİX Pants can be easily put on, even when your baby is moving, the sides are specially designed to ease diaper change.

– MOLFİX Pants can be easily taken off by simply tearing the sides, the waist band provides a clean junking. It can just be wrapped, stuck with the waist band and thrown away into the dust bin.


Check product details to select a Molfix product in a size appropriate to your baby's weight.

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