One of the most challenging things for expectant mothers is to shop for the baby and its needs. Shopping for the baby is one of the most exciting and entertaining preparations the expectant mother undertakes during pregnancy. Expectant mothers and fathers wish the best of everything for their babies. For the expectant mothers the most important consideration here is to stop and think whether buying the material chosen is really necessary.

We researched the useful and functional products that would make a new mother’s life easier and meet the requirements of the baby after coming home from the hospital.

Molfix has prepared a list for expectant mothers who are shopping for themselves and their baby on the way. We suggest you review our list before going shopping…

Have fun shopping…


Molfix Newborn Diapers: Newborn diapers that are designed to accommodate the sensitive umbilical cord area of your baby that still bears the clamped and cut umbilical cord.
Molfix Sensitive Wet Wipes: Wet wipes that are convenient when changing your baby’s diaper as they clean sensitive skin without any harm.
Baby Bath Tub: Suggested that a baby bath is used until your child turns 1.
Natural sponge: A natural sponge that will not harm your baby when giving him/her a bath.
Newborn Soap: Paraben free natural and organic baby soap.
Rash Cream: Used to prevent the formation of a rash.
Baby oil: Paraben free oil for your baby.
Nose pump: Ensures that baby breathes comfortably in case of a stuffy nose.
Pacifiers. When buying a pacifier you must choose a short and thin one that is intended for newborns.
Bottle: BPA and Bisphenol-A- free baby bottles made of PP (Polypropylene) must be used.
Nail Clippers: Using blunt tipped clippers is easier and safer.
Baby Monitor: To hear your baby crying when he/she is asleep and you are not with her.
Thermometer: To measure baby’s temperature.
Baby Stroller and Car Seat: Infant carrier that is fastened to the back seat of the car by means of a safety belt, that can be used as a car seat for babies 0-9 months old, and when removed from the vehicle and placed on a wheeled frame, can also be converted into a baby stroller.
Baby Clothing: You will be receiving many clothing articles as gifts therefore you do not need to buy many. When buying clothing, choose those made of cotton.
Necessary items:
● 6-8 bodysuits and all-in-one bodysuits,
● 2 bodysuits of thick material for going out,
● 2 baby towels with headpiece,
● 2 hats,
● 2 pairs of mittens,
● 4-6 pairs of socks,
● 2 cotton vests,
● 2 cotton blankets.


● “Nursing Bra” for the breastfeeding period,
● Nursing night gown,
● Large size cotton underwear that won’t be tight on the body,
● Hygienic pads
● Nipple cream
● Nipple shield
● Breast pad,
● Breast Milk Pump,
● Breast milk collection pouches,
● Breastfeeding pillow,
● Donut Pillow (to allow mothers with a healing perineum incision to sit comfortably),
● Compress pads used for hot and cold compresses,
● Thermometer showing the ambient temperature and humidity,
● Herbal tea to increase breast milk supply,
● Baby sling,
● Diaper bag; to carry the bottle, diapers, wet wipes and extra clothing in,
● Cradle; for the baby and mother to sleep in the same room in the first few months.

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