Most mothers admit spending less time on doing their hair, putting on make-up and fancy clothes in comparison to when they were without a child. How about you? You can continue to have the same habits after your baby is born. You just need a few tips on how to make this happen. By means of these tactics you can create some time for yourself to get ready before you leave home regardless of your destination; be it the office or the park. ☺

Plan ahead

Prepare the clothes you will wear and the things you will take with you from the previous night. Do not forget to prepare the shoes and accessories you will be wearing. Take your bath after you put the children to sleep at night and leave styling your hair till morning.


To make the bed or put on make-up? To brush your teeth or put on make-up? To put on full make-up or go for a simpler look with eyeliner and lipstick? Decide what has high priority for you.

Adjust your alarm to an earlier time

Getting up before your child wakes up to get ready will gain you extra time and also ensure that you prepare for the day in a more relaxed fashion.

Keep it simple

Mascara + a colourful necklace + a white t-shirt or an elegant hat + a simple dress or jeans + ballet shoes + a chic blouse. Simplify the details and focus on generalities to save on time and leave the house looking the way you like.

Use every minute available to you

You can wait till you get on the bus to put on your accessories and apply your make up when you reach the office. By carrying your comb, make up materials and accessories in your handbag you can complete your care wherever it is convenient to do so.

Review your choices

Instead of grooming your hair every day, you could get a wig, braid your hair or fix a weave to help you save time and look nice at the same time. Reconsider dresses that are hard to zip up, hair styles that take half an hour to master and multi layered make-up that’s difficult to apply.

Take advantage of technology

You can use smart phone applications to plan your time and create to-do-lists. Prefer breast pumps that leave your hands free (so that you can tackle other things) and/or dual breast pumps.

Come up with shortcuts

Brush your teeth and wash your face while taking a shower. Keep things you might need, like make up, body lotion and comb in the place you usually get dressed or in the bathroom within easy reach. You can use the same hair style for a few weeks by having it braided fixed or wearing a nice wig.

Try to relax

If from time to time you think about being the “perfect mother”, do not forget: No one is perfect. Actually, people do not care about your appearance as much as you do. And always remember: In the eyes of your child you are the most beautiful woman!

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